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J.R.R. Tolkien 

Sites divided into Literature and Gaming categories

Literature and Film
It's my opinion that J.R.R. Tolkien was perhaps the greatest fantasy world builder.  He created a vivid world with languages, races, flora, fauna, geography and weather all worked out over a history spanning thousands of years.
The Encyclopedia of Arda 
Tolkien Wiki Community, and the Tolkien Gateway Wiki.
The Thain's Book: a Middle Earth encyclopedia.
The Cave of Lost Scrolls: a Tolkien website directory.
One Wiki to Rule Them All
JRR Tolkien Information Center: a list of websites and resources.
Tolkien Encyclopedia.
The Tolkien Society seeks to "encourage and further interest in the life and works of the late Professor J.R.R. Tolkien C.B.E."
Ardalambion, a page exploring the languages Tolkien created.
Fellowship of the Word-Smiths is another site dedicated to the languages Tolkien invented. They've got a hellacious set of links.
The Elvish Linguistic Fellowship
Mellonath Daeron is a guild of the Forodrim (below) focusing on Tolkien's languages.
Eldarin wiki: editable webpage for Tolkien language wordlists.
The Tolkien Society Forodrim is a Swedish association for people who love the works of the British author and philologist J.R.R. Tolkien and fairy-tales in general.
The Sindarin Survival Project aims to disseminate information on the language, including a course for beginners.  Includes some interesting links.  
An essay on Music in Middle Earth, from the homepage of E.C. Hargrove.  This site contains a number of essays, both on music and other aspects of Middle Earth.  
An Essay on the Development of Middle-Earth Music by D. J. Fennamore, whose page, Elven Minstrel, deals with cosmology, music and other Middle Earth matters.
Tolkien's Monster Encyclopedia
The Scrolls of Orthanc: "useful information on Tolkien's Middle-earth covering a variety of topics which you will not find in the standard FAQ."
The One Ring/Tolkien Online: Claims to be the ultimate Lord of the Rings site. I don't know, because it takes so long to load on my machine that I'm out of time before I can explore.  Looks good, anyway.
Planet Tolkien: Fan discussions in the UK
Lalaith's Middle Earth Science Pages 
Lord of the Rings: the official movie site. 
Finduilas' J.R.R Tolkien Page
Welcome to Middle Earth includes maps and language information for the world he created.
Pauline and Todd's Lord of the Rings website; includes useful fonts.
Barrow Downs  
Tolkien Meta-FAQ is a unified index to several major lists of Frequently Asked Questions about J.R.R. Tolkien and his "subcreated" world of Middle-earth.
Another useful and rather extensive  FAQ, by William Loos.
Shire Post: a quaint and curious site devoted to all things hobbitish.
A collection of Middle Earth Maps found on the web.
The World of J.R.R. Tolkien, including maps.
The Tolkien Professor: Discussions and downloadable lectures on Tolkien.  Click, friend, and enter.
Talking About Tolkien
The Grey Havens 
Etymology of the races.
Poetry from the Lord of the Rings
Tolkien: Language, Style and Poetry.
Timeline of Middle Earth
Lord of the Rings Project: Working out the family trees of... everybody.
Hall of Fire: an internet discussion community (not to be confused with the role-playing game discussion group Hall of Fire)
Tolkien used strands from various cultures and mythologies from northern Europe to weave Middle Earth.  To see a lot of Anglo Saxon links, click here.
Old English in Middle-Earth: Tolkien as a gateway to the Anglo Saxons. And Part 2: Old English Words and Influences.  From the Tolkien Society.
Calendars of Imladris, Gondor, and the Shire, and their adaptation for Gregorian.  Plus another page on Shire Reckoning.
Outline of the History of Middle-Earth
BobMoCo Middle-Earth Glossary
Uruviel's Argonath, a LotR site that includes sound files from the movies.
Lord of the Rings Fanatics Plaza
The Merchants of Middle Earth: article on economics.
Elves and Art in Tolkien's Aesthetics.
Some sites involving the Rohirrim: Forth Eorlingas, Meduseld, Horsemaster.
…ored: a Rohirrim webring. . . supposedly.
Henneth AnnŻn Story Archive
A collection of links, several of which are dead. 
A site on Lord of the Rings costuming.
The Silmarillion in 1000 words.
Once More With Hobbits: Lord of the Rings meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Gaming Sites

These are some sites specifically geared towards role-playing games set in Middle Earth, whether ICE/Rolemaster or Decipher's Lord of the Rings RPG.  Unfortunately, a number of them have disappeared or gone silent in the years since the movies.
The Official Red Headed Stepchild, er, I mean, the Official Lord of the Rings RPG message board
Unofficial Lord of the Rings RPG forum.
The Hall of Fire is an unofficial but exceedingly useful web-based fanzine for the LotR RPG.
Other Hands: Journal for gaming in Middle Earth.
Other Minds: Online fan magazine devoted to roleplaying in Middle Earth.
The Steward and the King exclusively supporting Lord of the Rings RPG.
One Wiki to Rule Them All
Middle Earth Role Playing Wiki
Tower Hills 
Halls of Annuminas 
Middle Earth Gaming Guild
Heren Turambarion is another gaming-related Middle Earth site.
Middle Earth Role-Playing Community: Some of the free ICE modules and such are reputed to be here. . . but bring a lunch, it's also reputed to be very slow.
Gandalf of Borg's CODA resources site.
Unfinished Tales.com is a fan site created to support Wargaming and Roleplaying in Tolkien's worlds.
Downloadable Fan Modules
Haerangil's Middle Earth site includes maps and name info.
Middle Earth Games: play by mail website; some of the info may be useful regardless.
Hither-Lands: a fan-run system for roleplaying in Middle Earth.
Ambarquenta is still another fan-built system for Middle Earth Roleplaying.
Lindifirion: Finnish site with maps and a campaign.
A Chaosium-style Middle Earth RPG.
The Decipher game ported into Unisystem rules can be found here
Conversions from the Coda system to the Unisystem.
Legends of Middle Earth
Middle Earth conversion for d20 (Why would someone do it? I dunno. But it's here for completeness)
For fun: If Lord of the Rings was a role playing campaign.
A related idea, the webcomic DM of the Rings.
Middle-earth related Fonts: Here and Here


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