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Space Games

Yes, that's right, a page devoted to Sci Fi games, and genre movies and TV. I got tired of flipping over to other pages to get the links.
Movies, Books, and TV
Firefly Wiki page (and the firefly gaming page), and another Firefly page from Wikipedia.
TV.com's entry for Firefly.
Firefly Fans website.
Browncoats.com: fine ol' site.
Firefly-Serenity Chinese Pinyinary: How to curse on network TV.
Nciku: Chinese dictionary.  And a Chinese translator.
Serenity Role Playing Game: resource for the game.
Firefly and Serenity Database.
Cortex System RPG: page pertaining to the system used in the above game.
FireflyRPG: a collection of props, ships, and game aids for playin' in the 'verse.
Waves in the Black: fan-based resources.
Travel Times and Comm-lag calculations based on the multi-star model shown in the movie.
Game-related Serenity Articles on the Dragonlaird site.
Can't Stop the Serenity Wiki.
Out in  the Black: Online RPG forum.
Serenity AM: Online game set After Miranda.  Jahn Luhn Gohn
Fujin Sail wiki. Object in Space
Men Without Worlds

Babylon 5

A collection of B5 related sites can be found in my gaming section.


Official homepage, and Lady Maigrey's fansite

Slipstream web: linked to numerous Andromeda-related websites. No longer being updated.
All Systems University Library

The  Andromeda Ascendant homepage.


Gateworld: Complete guide to Stargate SG-1.
Official MGM SG-1 site.
Stargate SG-1 Information Archive
Stargate SG-1 Transcripts
Another SG-1 game, created for West End Games before they folded and reprinted by the author.
Short page of mostly nonfunctional  Stargate links, including a GURPS Stargate webpage.

SG-1 Costuming from the Wolf Pack Sci-Fi Club.

Star Wars
Lightsaber Combat
Wookieepedia: The fan-driven encyclopedia of Star Wars.
Rancor Pit: Gamer site for D6 Star Wars.
Fan-made supplement for the Jedi Academy.
Strictly Games
Star Frontiers webring.
A site for Star Frontiers fans.
Traveler Atlas Page: maps and information.
Traveler Map Page: scaleable map.
 An impressive map, and an even more impressive map, of the ZAON universe.
Starships Schematic Database
Very useful, movable map of the local star group, for the online comic Outsider
For inspiration, the webcomic Outsiders.
For planet building, race making and such, look to my Worldbuilding page.
The Atomic Rockets site was mainly intended for science fiction authors who wanted a little scientific accuracy.
RPG.net thread about hyperspace mechanics.