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By Night We Prosper
A page of links for a Vampire: The Requiem game set in Vancouver.
World of Darkness Wiki
Resources for the game at Mekhet.com
Character sheets and other supplements from MrGone.
Daeva: from WoD Wiki
Mekhet: Mekhet Wiki
A wiki about Ordo Dracul.
A wiki about the Circle of the Crone 
A wiki about Lancea Sanctum
A wiki about Invictus
A wiki about the Carthian Movement
Other Games
Wonton Wicked Wiki
Mr. Gone's game resources.
Mine-able sites
Camarilla Wiki
A Mekhet Wiki
Some Mekhet characters.
Chicago: White City Wiki
Vienna by Night
The Reach wiki
A few unofficial city writeups from a World of Darkness wiki.
A brief wiki for Werewolf: the Forsaken game set in Vancouver.
Werewolf: the Forsaken Wiki.
The Insider: Because the vampires don't want you knowing they're behind everything.
The Three Clue Rule: How to handle mysteries in RPGs.
Weather history from Weather Underground.
A number of Vancouver maps.  And more maps.
Geomap Vancouver: The geology of the area around Vancouver.
Tourist map of downtown.
Vancouver User's Guide.
Wiki of Stanley Park; Website of Stanley Park Ecology Society.
Wiki of Vancouver.  
Website for the City of Vancouver.
Virtual Vancouver.
Relocation resources for Vancouver
Profiles of Vancouver neighborhoods. And more from the municipal website.
Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia.
City of Vancouver: a book on the City of Vancouver , circa 1887
History of Metropolitan Vancouver, including a useful chronology.
Our Roots is a library, archive, museum and school all in one.  Canadian history.
Vancouver Heritage Foundation.
List of Heritage buildings in Vancouver.
History and pictures of the three incarnations of the Hotel Vancouver.
Text of the book Legends of Vancouver.
Websites for Vancouver Sun, the Province, Vancouver Magazine, Vancouver View, and Van.net Community Newspapers.
Warnings about Vancouver from Virtual Tourist.  Also, Vancouver Nightlife.
Downtown Eastside Demographic Study.
Maps of Downtown Eastside
Crime and Cops
Short history of crime in Vancouver.
A report on Triads.  And a Wiki on Triads, Chinese Organized Crime, and Gangs in Canada.
Webpage for Hell's Angels, Western Canada.
Webpage on gang activity in Spokane, Washington.
Vancouver Police Department, and Wiki.
Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of British Columbia and Wiki.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police 
Canadian Security Intelligence Service: Official website, and wiki.
Canadian Intelligence Resource Centre
City Clerk's page of news releases.
Neighborhood news: Kelowna
First Nations
Wiki page for the Kwakiutl.
Page on the Kwakwa̱ka̱ʼwakw or "people who speak Kwakʼwala", along with some myths of the tribes.  From the U'mista Cultural Society.
Listing of First Nations groups around British Columba.
Pronunciation guide for FN groups in BC. 

Resources for the Kwakiutl Language (Kwak'wala, Kwakwaka'wakw)

BC Elders Communication Center Society
Website for Alert Bay.
'Namgis First Nation
U'mista Cultural Society
Nightclubs in Vancouver.
Gothic BC 
Specs on civil theatres in Vancouver.
Wraiths: Urban explorers around Vancouver
The Riverview Hospital: a blog with photos and history, the wiki,  a clickable map, photos of dilapidation , and the story of some urban explorers.
Film, Lit and other Fiction
A list of shows set in or filmed in Vancouver.
Vancouver in Fiction
Blood Ties: Vampire and detective in Toronto.
Wiki for Intelligence and DaVinci's Inquest
Wiki categories:  TV Series set in Vancouver, Vancouver in Fiction
Wiki for The Killing, investigation show set in Seattle.
Calendar: the days and months for many centuries.
A Vancouver setting for World Darkness. 
Quest's End: a LARP web page set in and around Vancouver.