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After the Reckoning

Setting Guide Unisystem Apocalypse Survivalist


Setting Locale
Setting for a post-apocalypse game set in northeast Georgia, and using the Unisystem.  Most of this page consists of links that only an anal-retentive GM could love.
Setting Guide for Players
Chronicler Page: For the GM's eyes only.
New Threats
House Rules
Eden Studio's official Witchcraft site, and Eden Studios discussion boards.  
Various links pertaining to my other Witchcraft RPG game.
Unisystem Wiki for fan contributions
UniFans: Fan website.
Other Games and Inspirations
Website for the Post-Apocalypse TV series Jeremiah.
List of Free Post-Apocalyptic RPGs.
The Post-Apocalyptic Forge Site dedicated to Post-Apocalypse genre, particularly role playing games.
JAGS Game System: Free pdf download for their post-apocalypse setting.
Hypertext Encyclopedia of an Aftermath.
Thread on aftermath of the end of civilization.
Quickie reviews of PA RPGs.
Just One Too Many: A post-apocalypse setting for All Flesh Must Be Eaten.
RPGnet thread about a post-Fall unit of the USMC set a century after the collapse.
It's the End of the World as We Know It. . .
Exit Mundi: A collection of end-of-the-world scenarios.
Wiki of Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic fiction.
Empty World: End-of-the-World/Apocalypse fiction, film, and TV.
It's the End of the World as We Know It-- overview of extinction cycles.
Federation of American Scientists: Military hardware, NBC threats, arms trade, and other fun stuff.
Library for nuclear issues.
Nuclear Tourist: nuclear plants around the world.
Die Off: a cheery site about the end of civilization.  It focuses on the energy crunch but has lots of interesting links.
Hazard maps (seismic, nuclear, tornado, etc) for the lower 48. From the Survival Ring Webpage.
Earth Change Maps and Map Database: Links to a blue million maps and map sites.
Millennium Ark
Blast damage from a nuclear weapon
The Sky Is Falling: Calculate the power of a meteor strike.  And another impact calculation.
Wiki's entry for Impact Events.
Information on the Meteor Crater in Arizona, with estimated impact figures.
Computing crater size from projectile diameter. Also, solar system collisions and impact effects. And a similar impact simulator.
Nuclear Weapons Effects Calculator, and a  nuke-an-American-city simulator.
Effects of an Asteroid Impact on Earth.
Earth Impact Database.
More Earth impact craters.
A list of Earth impact craters.
Asteroid impacts and Tsunami.
More figures from an asteroid strike simulation program.  
A page linking dendrochronology to corroborate historical records of comet strikes and near-misses.
A paper by the same guy as the previous link, this time using tree rings to postulate that some of the Celtic gods were actually comets.
Wiki articles on the New Madrid Seismic Zone.
Maps of U.S. shaking hazards, from the USGS.
A discussion on the weather patterns of 1816, "Year Without a Summer", which was caused by a massive volcanic explosion. And the wiki entry on it. And an article focusing on the effects in New England.
Maps and discussion on North American ice sheets and flora over the last 150,000 years.
A writeup on, and links to, the Yellowstone Caldera.
Cambridge Conference Network: exploring geological and historical catastrophes. 
Firestorms. and pictures of a firestorm-induced tornado
Imagine Earth Without People. Nifty little article.
Population Calculator: how fast is the bounce-back.
Wandered into the wrong $(*#@$!  rec room, didn'ja?
Survivalist Information Library
Survivalist and Self-Sufficiency Links
Survivalist and Self-Sufficiency Website.
Alpha Disaster Contingencies: "The End Of the World is NOT coming (But Disasters Still Happen. Are You Ready? Prepare, But Be Sensible About It)"
DoItYourself.com: extensive list of things that might be useful when trying to rebuild.
Energy Information Administration: statistics on where various sources of energy are located. Includes Petroleum Profiles for each state.
Survival Kits
Survival supplies and other survival links. Looks like it covers pretty much everything.
Netbook of Modern Firearms
Increase your survivability with the FEMA library.
Old Civil Defense materials from the UK.
Struggle to Survive: Governing Britain after the bomb.
Fun secret bases for sale: own your own missile silo.
  Expiration Dates
Article: Army determines drugs good beyond expiration dates.
Sample food expiration dates, and more recommendations.
Brief Wikipedia discussion of shelf life.
A brief word on long term ammunition storage.
Herbal Medicine and Gardening
Herbal Formulas for Clinic and Home
Henrietta's Herbal Homepage.
Organic and Permaculture Gardening
Plant for a Future: Edible, medicinal and useful plants for a healthier world.
Heirloom Vegetable Gardener's Assistant
Whole Grains, from A to Z.
Intro and Links to heirloom vegetables
Seed and Plant Sanctuary for  Canada.
Backyard Garden links
Heritage Breeds Conservancy
Medicinal and Magical Herbs of Medieval Europe.
Setting Locale
Athens, GA
For general info, try Online Athens, Flagpole Online Guide to AthensYahoo listing for Athens, Athens Georgia.com, Official Website of the Athens Area Convention and Visitor's Bureau, and the Chamber of Commerce.  Also Greater Athens and Athens Online, and the City.com link.
Athens history, from the New Georgia Encyclopedia.  And a history and demographic entry with links.
Music links from Yahoo.
Great Athens Links Page from the reference department of the University Library.
University of Georgia web page, and Yahoo index for UGA
Athens on the Internet: some more links from the UGA library.
The Red and Black, the newspaper of the University of Georgia.
Virtual Tour of Athens and UGA
Photos  of Athens and UGA
Athens weather and forecast
Student paper on The Electrification of Athens from 1890-1940
Middle Oconee Riverway Project.
For setting up the scene, a collection of abandoned buildings.
County Stuff
Georgia County Historical Populations
Nifty history page on Oglethorpe Co, Oconee Co, Clarke Co, Barrow CoMadison Co, and Jackson Co
Athens, Georgia: An Antebellum Educational Leader
Northeast Georgia Regional Development Center: Oconee, Oglethorpe, Clarke, Barrow, Madison, and Jackson.
Georgia Stuff
Historical state maps
Georgia Facts and Figures.
Georgia Wine Country
Map showing prime farmland in Georgia, along with the farmland that is being urbanized.
Alternate History
Alternate History Webring
Essays in Alternative History
Alternate History Travel Guide
Directory of Alternate History Scenarios