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An American Werewolf in Galway

No, that's not the Chronicle's real name.  That's just a working title.  Go away.

Click here to view the Chronicle Log and the Red Lake Sept. To give you something to go on, here are the Setting Points.

General Irish Links Galway/Connemara Links Photos Names
General Irish Links
World Atlas page for Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland
World Factbook entry for Ireland
Ireland's History in Maps.
Irish Port Info
Wiki for Irish Culture.
Move to Ireland: short overview of many topics about Irish life, including Irish crime 
Wiki for Irish Travellers, a page called The Travellers: Ireland's Ethnic Minority, .and the website for the Pavee Point Travellers Centre.  And Friends, Families & Travellers.
A whole list of Celtic Links
Celt Digital: Celtic World on the Web.
Irish Literature, Mythology, Folklore, and Drama
Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries and A Secret Commonwealth: excellent source material for the fae.
A Dictionary of Faery Folk of the World.
Faerie Land: All sorts of stuff about the fae.
Fairy Lore
   Archeology and Mystical
Megolithomania: Irish standing stones, crosses, ancient tombs, and suchlike.
Irish Megaliths
Shee-Eire: guide to the world of ancient Ireland.
Mythical Ireland
International Institute of Astroarcheology
Galway and Connemara Links
Weather in Galway, and climate info by month.  And Met Éireann, the national weather service.
Monthly and daily statistics for Galway, including weather and sunrise/sunset.  Expect Recess to be wetter.
County Galway encyclopedia entry, and Gateway to Galway.
Map of Connemara
Info and photos for Recess, from goconnemara and connemara-tourism.org
Some pictures and comments about Recess from Ed Mullen.
Brief writeup of drives in Connemara, from Galway.net.
Details on the Maamturk Mountains.
Lough Inagh Lodge
Cruachan Ai visitor center, in Co. Roscommon: the capital of Connacht.
Blanket Bogs habitat description from the University of Paisley
Peatlands, including common  plants and wildlife.
Irish Language
Irish Writing and pronunciation from Omniglot.
Pronunciation Guide, and another
And to add to the confusion: Old-Irish Spelling and Pronunciation.
Pronunciation of some Irish names.
More Irish names, and place-names too. And explanations of Irish place-names.
Of related interest is Shelta.
Music and Radio
 Connemara Community Radio.
Celtic Radio on the Internet
Raidió na Gaeltachta
The Road to Clifden: some good pictures.
Caern Heart, and in a different light
12 Pins Maamturks  Derryclare Lough and 12 Pins
Maumturk stream
Photos from around western Ireland.
The photo at the bottom of this page: remove the trees and you'd have the Heroes' Caern, more or less. 
County Galway Surname List
A Galway genealogy page.
Other Caern Sites
Pages related to the islands off the Galway coast.  Inishark is the location of a caern.
Stuff's happ'nin in the Burren.  Burren Page; Burrenbeo
Aspects of the Burren from the County Clare library.
Claire Biodiversity, and some geology.
General Topics of Use
Drinkmaking in Galway
Dennis' Whiskey Corner.  Whiskey and poetry -- he must be a Fianna. 
Collection of sites about Irish cooking.
5-minute Irish stories
Essays on Celtic Culture, Beliefs and Traditions. From the Celtic and Irish Webring.
Irish Environmental links.
Environmental concerns in eastern Galway.
Link to another game involving Fae.
 Sun and Moon
This being a game about werewolves, it would be quite useful to know what phase the moon is on at any given date.  
Moon Phase Calendar that displays phases by month.Also, current moon phase, and moon phase calendar, blue moon calculator/FAQ, and one more moon phase calendar.
Sunrise/Sunset data 
Focus on Luna in the page titled Inconstant Moon.
Online Game Sites
Werewolf terms, translated into the Irish.
Caern info from a defunct online game set in the Galway/Mayo area.
Player Resources for the Sept of the Hidden Flame
Some nearly-canon info on poisons.