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By no means is this list meant to be exhaustive -- I found hundreds in a cursory search. If you have a favorite site, send it to me!

An Index of  Native American resources on the Internet
Native Web: directory to thousands of sites.
Native American Links 
Native American Ethnobotany database
Native American Religions and Legends  
Native Languages of the Americas: extensive resources.
Index of Native American Language Resources, and another one.
Contact information for the tribes of the United States and Canada.  From the Contacts in Governments and Tribes site.
National Museum of the American Indian website. 
Primitive Ways deals with recreating primitive technologies. 
Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of the American Indian.
Indian Country: Online source for Indian news.
NativeTech: Native Technology and Art
Society of Primitive Technology
Classification of indigenous peoples of the Americas.
Maps and discussion on North American ice sheets and flora over the last 150,000 years.
Treaties between the United States and Native Americans.
A fairly militant look at the 1851 Treaty of Ft. Laramie.
Texts of Canadian Treaties.
Indian Land Cessions Made in the Southeast.

North America

Tribal names and their meanings

Online resources on ethnology of indigenous Canadian peoples.
Arrowheads and Other Artifacts
Arrowhead Hunter's Primer 
 Point identification information from Lithics-Net: The Center of the Web for Information on North American Aborigine Projectile Points and Lithics
Projectile Point identification, by state or region.
Son Anderson Artifacts: chiefly points in North Florida, South Georgia, and Alabama.
Occoquan Paleotechnics: Replicas and castings of stone points and other primitive technology.
Prehistoric North America
Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre.
The Significance of the Bluefish Caves in Beringian Prehistory.
Prehistoric North America from Minnesota St. University.

A list of archeology links from ArcNet covering North America.

McConaughy's Archaeology Page 
Another page on the Meadowcroft Rockshelter in Pennsylvania
Center for the Study of the First Americans
Many links for pre-Columbian North America.
Indian Burial and Sacred Grounds Watch.
Lost Worlds: interactive museum of prehistoric cultures of North America; principal focus seems to be the Eastern U.S.

Cherokee and Neighbors

History of the Cherokee

North Georgia History page includes Etowah moundbuilders and Cherokee history.

Cherokee Alphabet and pronunciation guide.  

Official websites for the Eastern Band (and the tribal gov't site), Western Band, and "California Cherokees" (a non-Federally-recognized group)
Cherokee Observer newspaper online.
Dr. Crow's Ani Yunwiya Page
Information and extensive Cherokee Language Resources.

An English-Tsalagi lexicon

A Small Lexicon of Tsalagi words
Several Tsalagi links 

Cherokee and genealogy links, and Cherokee Surnames

Brief listing of weapons used by the Cherokee.

Symbolism of sacred colors.

Georgia Indians from paleo to historic
Cherokee Society page from the Cherokee by Blood site.
Text of the Cherokee Removal Order.
Prehistory of the Midsouth and related links.
Lesson plan studying North Carolina's First Peoples
Archeology and Ancient History of North Carolina
Kinship systems in relation to the courtship and marriage ceremonies of the Cherokee. 
UGA's toli team

Official homepage of the Chickasaw Nation


Floridian Indians
Florida of the Indians, from the Social History of Florida.
Selected State of Florida History Internet Sites.  Native related pages are near the bottom.

Florida Historical Contexts looks at the precolumbian inhabitants of Florida. Maintained by the Florida Division of Historical Resources.

Iroquois Confederation
About the Iroquois League
Another page on the League
The constitution of the Iroquois League
Links to Sites about the Iroquois Tribe by Phil Konstantin
More Iroquois links



Lots of Sioux links

Lakota Sioux

Lakhota Sioux Heritage, Culture, Language site. 
A site about plains Indians sign language
Declaration of War Against Exploiters of Lakota Spirituality


Official Navajo Nation website.

Navajo Central has some very useful info, including a very long and detailed FAQ.

Navajo Times: the official newspaper of the Navajo People.

Ancestral Art: Navajo cultural information
Photos of the sacred mountains of the Diné.
Moundbuilders and other Ancient Folk
Cahokia Mounds States Historic Site
Anthropology at Mesa Community College


"CHAAAC, the Center for the History of Ancient American Art and Culture, is designed to stimulate and facilitate the creative exploration of ancient American civilizations and to establish contact between scholars in the Americas, The University of Texas at Austin, and the rest of the world."
Mesoweb: and Exploration of Mesoamerican cultures.
Many links to pre-Columbian Mesoamerica.

Mayan History and Culture

Mayan Mathematics

The Creation of Mayan History 
Mesoamerican Photo Archive 

A teacher resource page on Aztecs

South America

A list of archeology links from ArcNet covering South America.
Many links to pre-Columbian South America.
BBC article on the surprising true first Americans

1491: "Before it became the New World, the Western Hemisphere was vastly more populous and sophisticated than has been thought—an altogether more salubrious place to live at the time than, say, Europe. New evidence of both the extent of the population and its agricultural advancement leads to a remarkable conjecture: the Amazon rain forest may be largely a human artifact."  An article from the Atlantic Online.